What we do

Our rules:

  • Buying a jet should be as fun as flying in one
  • There is no business like business aviation
  • No one buys anything of value without searching it up on-the-line (and YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world)

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Why business aviation?

Business aviation – ranging from small helicopters and turboprops up to jets costing more than $100 million – is a billion dollar global industry. Studies show that it brings benefits to companies that use it and there is simply no better way to travel.  Business aircraft combine cutting-edge engineering with bespoke craftsmanship.

Most importantly they are super cool. And everyone in the industry has a story to tell.

Who we are

In our spare time we also run Corporate Jet Investor, one of the industry’s biggest websites and event organisers.

We are always looking for interesting aircraft and stories. Please contact us

Matt Taylor       matt@corporatejetinvestor.com

Louisa Whyte    louisa@corproatejetinvestor.com

Alasdair Whyte  aw@corporatejetinvestor.com 

Alud Davies      alud@corporatejetinvestor.com 


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